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URL Trends

What to see the number of links to your site? Want to see your pagerank, Alexa Rank, Title, Description, Incoming link counts across all the engines in one place? Then URL Trends is the source. It's a great way to compare your site with competition and see if what you are doing is working. For a fee they'll even send you updates on a regular basis. Great trending tools!


Setting out to be the source for data and spying on your online competitors, SpyFu offers some amazing data and great lists of top sites, top keywords for competitors and great reporting functionality. The free version is simple but the paid version is amazing. SpyFu Review


Website Grader is a product from HubSpot and has been receiving great press. It provides a regular reporting option that helps you understand the outside influences of your site vs. your competition. Simple reporting and great analysis that helps open your eyes to your weaknesses.

The Step-by-Step Process:

Successful keyword creationResearch Keyword History
Do the research. Sometimes you'll be surprised at the words people use to describe your business

Keyword FundamentalsSearch Behavior Fundamentals
What is it?

Keyword technologyKeyword Technology
By embrassing technology and maximizing it's efficiency we are able to create keyword lists that bring real results. Keyword Research Tool