Keyword Creation Tools


GoodKeywords is a downloadable software application that targets misspellings, site spidering and Yahoo's search term suggestion tool. some of the key tasks are helpful for organizing and their link checker is an excellent way to see how the engines look at your site.

Google Extractor

Get the top 150 keywords for your products and services including top traffic keywords, niche keyword ideas, competitor terms, branded, misspellings and industry related keyword phrases. Delivered in 2-3 business days via excel spreadsheet this is for 150 keywords.

SEOBook Keyword Search

This keyword tool offered on his site provides a deeper view of search history, search volume, wordtracker count, daily estimates, as well as blogs, thesaurus, WordTracker and other tools that he pulls from. It also offers an export to CSV function to simplify everyone's life. SEO Book also offers impressive information on keyword research and search optimization.

Keyword Discovery

Trellian's KeywordDiscovery product has a free version, Free Trial version and a full (paid) version. The free search feature is usually reliable to offer "keyword phrase" suggestions and can help with traffic estimates and search estimates. The paid version offers insights into seasonality trending and much, much more.

Seed Keywords

SeedKeywords is a clever new tool that requires people to work together to create real, human friendly keyword lists. You create the situation and send it out to your network. Each person enters how they would search for the situation you created and that starts your keyword tree. You plant the seed and they create the tree. Simple, free and easy!

The Keyword Research Process:

Successful keyword creationKeyword Homework
Do your keyword research. Use the tools to understand how people search for you.

Keyword FundamentalsSearch Behavior Fundamentals
Understanding search behavior and search engine algorithms means quality keyword creation fundamentals are our strength.

Keyword technologyKeyword Technology
By embrassing technology and maximizing it's efficiency we are able to create keyword lists that bring real results.