SpyFu Review

SpyFu Review

SpyFu has come to the Keyword Research seen ready to fight. Gathering their data from Google and using the powers of the internet, SpyFu offers a unique perspective on keyword research and competitive analysis. The idea being that if you know what keywords your competition is bidding on, optimizing for and ranking for you can focus your efforts on beating them at their own game without having to conduct your own costly trial and error keyword campaigns.

One great thing about SpyFu is that they do offer a free version. It contains roughly 5% of the data available but for small advertisers that can be enough to get them going. All serious internet marketers should buy the Advanced Analytics SpyFu product. Priced as low as $296 per year (they also offer 3 day, monthly auto, and monthly manual pricing) it's a no brainer addition to your research tool belt. One thing that trully sets SpyFu apart is they pull the AdWords data including the Ads, Keywords and estimated price tags. That's some great data and the tool is fast, efficient and pretty darn accurate (yes they aren't perfect). Get Started!

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The Step-by-Step Process:

Successful keyword creationKeyword Homework
Do your keyword research. Use the tools to understand how people search for you.

Keyword FundamentalsSearch Behavior Fundamentals
Understanding search behavior and search engine algorithms means quality keyword creation fundamentals are our strength.

Keyword technologyKeyword Technology
By embrassing technology and maximizing it's efficiency we are able to create keyword lists that bring real results.

Human TouchThe Human Touch
Never rely only on tools. Make sure you use tools and common sense in your keyword creation process.